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Today is Earth Overshoot Day 2017 .

This means that today, 2nd August 2017, we have already used more from nature than our planet can regenerate in a year.

This has been established by the Global Footprint Network, an organisation which for years has been monitoring the state of our planet.

Their Ecological Foot Print Accounting, that is their calculation of the Ecological Footprint, measures the demand of the world’s population against the planet’s bio-capacity (sustainability), taking into account various factors such as: carbon emissions, food and forests, urban areas and so on.

It is alarming to see how every year Overshoot Day arrives earlier than the previous year.


Lets try and reverse this trend – play your part! 

Overshoot Day

2016 8 August

2015 13 August

2014 19 August

2013 20 August

2012 22 August

2010 21 August

Source: Wikipedia

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